Ego Vehicle Interface (EVI)#

The ego vehicle interface (EVI) is responsible for connecting the 3D Environment (3DEnv) with the traffic simulation in SUMO and Veins. It forwards the movement of the ego vehicle from the 3D Environment (3DEnv) to SUMO, allows Veins to consider all vehicles for the simulation of wireless communication, and transmits all relevant information back to the 3D Environment (3DEnv).



If you are using the VCE container, you may skip this step. Make sure to run the commands for running a scenario from within a Poetry Python environment and from inside the container.

Make sure that you have the Protobuf compiler installed. You can check with protoc --version.

Follow the instructions for your preferred installation method in the EVI Readme file. The recommended method is to use Poetry. This will also build and install the evi-asm-protocol package (from ../evi-asm-protocol/) containing the Protobuf definitions used for communication between VCE components.

To check that the installation was successful, run scripts/ --help from the EVI root directory.

Running a Scenario#

The evi/networks folder contains a number of example scenarios. Let’s start with paderborn-north.

Paderborn North#

This folder should contain the following files:


The SUMO configuration. In this case, it instructs SUMO to use for the street network, ego-vehicle-only.rou.xml and paderborn-north.rou.xml for vehicle and route definitions, and paderborn-north.poly.xml to draw some 2D buildings if run with sumo-gui. The time parameters will be overridden by EVI, but still must be present.

You can preview the scenario with sumo-gui -c paderborn-north.sumo.cfg.


The EVI configuration. Any parameter in this configuration file must correspond to one of the parameters listed when you run scripts/ from the EVI root folder. (Please be aware that command line arguments with dashes, e.g., --rt-simulator, must be written with underscores in the .evi.ini file, i.e., rt_simulator.)

One parameter you may need to adjust in some of the example scenarios is rt_simulator. In the case of paderborn-north it is correctly set to Unity, but EVI also supports other real-time simulators not directly related to the VCE.

To run the EVI, start scripts/ with the --config-file and any additional parameters not yet declared in paderborn-north.evi.ini. From the paderborn-north directory:

../../scripts/ --config-file paderborn-north.evi.ini --verbosity WARNING --sumo-binary sumo-gui

The EVI should now be waiting for the 3D Environment (3DEnv) to connect.

Connecting the 3D Environment to EVI#

Refer to the guide on 3D Environment (3DEnv) for configuring the EVI address in the 3D environment. Changes in the StreetNetwork GameObject will override the setting made in the Street Network Generator, and the settings of the main menu will override the StreetNetwork configuration in turn, if the main menu is used.