Protobuf (evi-asm-protocol)#


If you change any of the Protobuf definitions, the respective Python, C#, and C++ code will have to be regenerated.

For the EVI (Python)#

Assuming you have used Poetry to install the Ego Vehicle Interface (EVI) as described in the instructions, navigate to the evi/ folder and run the following:

poetry shell
pip uninstall evi-asm-protocol
> cd ../evi-asm-protocol
> python ./ build
> python ./ install

Alternatively, update the version string in evi-asm-protocol/ and, from the evi/ folder, run poetry update.

For the 3D Environment (C#)#

There is a Makefile in the evi-asm-protocol/ folder for generating C# code for the 3D Environment. Simply navigate to this folder and run make. The output files will be automatically written to the Assets/ folder of the 3D environment.

Occasionally, new versions of the Protobuf compiler may break compatibility with the C# Google.Protobuf library provided by 3denv/3denv/Assets/Scripts/Vehicle/Google.Protobuf.dll. Since NuGet is, at the time of writing, not supported in Unity C# projects, a possible workaround is to download an up-to-date package from the NuGet website and to extract the DLL file from the lib/net45/ subfolder. Do the same with any dependencies of Google.Protobuf.dll, like System.Runtime.CompilerServices.Unsafe. In this case, we used the DLL from the lib/net462 subfolder.

For Veins-EVI (C++)#

Protobuf code generation for Veins-EVI is done by the veins-evi/configure script. Simply re-run it as specified and don’t forget to also run make again.